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My Tenancy

Ongoing support, budget friendly, quality lifestyle

Welcome to Cubic Housing, our team of professionals are committed to understand your needs to support you throughout your tenancy. We offer our expertise in helping you during your time staying in one of our premises. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you, so you can focus on living a quality life in your home.

Looking for a new home that is affordable can be complex and long-winded. That's why we want to make it simple and convenient for you. Our professionally trained team will hear your needs and are committed to provide you superior service and expertise in finding you a suitable and affordable home.

Our company will:

  • Strictly follow the guidelines as set out by the NSW Government that deals with affordable housing.

  • Honor its internal policies.

  • Ensure that all its business operations are legitimate; and

  • Keep every channel of communication transparent.


We will always conduct business with integrity and respect everyone we come across. We will promote:

  • Safety and fair dealing,

  • Respect toward the applicant, tenants or associated parties,

  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices,

We will ensure that we:

  • Don’t risk the health and safety of our employees and community.

  • Avoid deception conduct to our employees, applicants, tenants and associated parties,

  • Support diversity and inclusion i.e.) anti-discrimination on race, gender, sexual orientation etc.

Rent and Payment

•  Rent is calculated at a discounted rate between 20-25% off the market price for a similar property in the area.

•  Payment Options include Electric Funds Transfers (EFT) or pay over the counter at our office.

•  Our team will explain the rent and arrears procedures to you.

•  We can provide expert advice on how to stay up to date with your rental payments.

•  If you fall behind with your rental payments, we are able to negotiate a repayment plan with you

•  If you are struggling to pay rent, we can refer you to suitable financial support and provide advice on managing your money with your budget.

Length and Lease Type

This will be explained to you when you start your tenancy.

If you require additional help in understanding your tenancy, get in touch with our team on (02) 9264 4820 or 

How to be a Good Neighbour and Build a Safe and Strong Community?

To live in peace and harmony and have a sense of belonging in your neighbourhood, it is important to follow these guidelines:


Always be friendly, polite and helpful to others to maintain a peaceful and happy living environment. A healthy environment leads to a healthy lifestyle.


Always be considerate to your neighbours by keeping noise levels to an acceptable level.


Maintain harmonious relationships with others by showing respect. We understand that respect is a two-way thing but be the first to initiate


Always be co-operative with your property managers and caretaker of the property. Co-operation is the key to good maintenance of the property you are residing in

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