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Why partner with Cubic Housing to manage your affordable housing? 

If you received bonus FSR under SEPP Affordable Housing provision, or own a boarding house approved under the new SEPP (Housing) 2021 you must appoint a registered Community Housing Provider to be the manager of those properties under the new legislation. We assist developers to ensure Compliance of their regulatory obligations and to report to the National Regulatory System of Community Housing for the ongoing compliance of homes approved under the SEPP Affordable Housing and Boarding Houses. For new developments, a management plan is required from a CHP prior to receiving Occupation Certificate. Please reach out to us should you require management plans for your project. 

If you are a developer and require funding for developing affordable housing sites- please contact us we will put you in touch with the government for development funding such as Australia Future Fund (HAFF) and Housing Accord and National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC)
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At Cubic Housing, it is our corporate mandate to deliver affordable housing requirements to a highest and most ethical standard. We strive to achieve our vision and mission as an affordable housing provider.  To reach our set goals, we have divided our strategy into two main sections.

Creating a win-win for the community, tenants and private developers

Servicing and Advising

Property Developers

We provide consultations to property developers in relation to how affordable housing can benefit them. As we know it, affordable housing in the property market is scarce. To bring more affordable housing to the market, we must work with property developers to achieve this goal.


There are many incentives for property developers to provide affordable housing ranging from tax concessions to floor space ratio (FSR) uptake.


Our team have an extensive experience and knowledge in the property development space, therefore, we can offer effective advice to developers to help them achieve maximum benefits for their businesses.

Apartment Buildings
Receiving the Keys

Ongoing Tenant Servicing

A lot of people see a community housing provider as an extended arm of a normal real estate agency or property management business. That assumption is incorrect as community housing providers are subjected to a different set of guidelines provided by government authorities.


On top of our responsibilities in following these guidelines, at Cubic Housing we also understand that there are a lot of stress and anxiety for potential applicants when it comes to finding accommodation, a basic necessity in everyone’s lives. That is why we have specially trained staff to service the most vulnerable. It is our mandate not to treat our applicants or residents as ‘just another transaction’.

Team meeting


Our team of experienced property experts with up-to-date local knowledge will help you improve results and achieve your property goals.

Business Meeting

Decrease your risk

We help decrease your risk. Our competent property managers will reduce the likelihood of tenants taking advantage of the system, and will constantly monitor tenant's change of circumstances via a strict review mechanism.

We Take Care of Everything for You

It is of paramount importance to make it hassle free for you. Therefore, we go above and beyond to do all the heavy lifting to help satisfy your objectives.


We Save You Precious Time

Chasing arrears, repairs, maintenance, conducting inspections and finding tenants is more time consuming than one might think. We take care of these issues for you and have ample experience to deal with them so you have more free time.

Modern Watch
Contract Signature

All Legal Documentations Looked After

We have the capability to take away the stress of tenancy problems that may arise. Our professional in-house legal consultant manages the legalities of the leases for you.

Leasing a Home

Protecting your asset

We pride ourselves and have demonstrated reliability to bring quality tenants to your property. People often have a  misconception that affordable housing is for poor people, it is actually available for all ordinary Australians on very reasonable incomes. We screen our tenants carefully in consultation with the owners so the owners remains in control 

Expert Advice Anytime

We are available at all times to give you the best and most accurate advice in relation to affordable housing and changes in any relevant legislation.

Residential Buildings

No hidden fees or expenses

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