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What is affordable housing?

Affordable Housing in NSW is defined as individuals or households that falls within government guidelines that require such assistance. Once qualified, rent payable are generally 20 - 25% lower than the private rental market. 


We are a registered Community Housing Provider (CHP) that is qualified to manage affordable housing. Cubic Housing has a social commitment to offer medium to long term affordable housing for people who are eligible in NSW. 



Am I eligible for affordable housing?

"Our dedicated team of professionals have been in the residential property industry for many years and are passionate to offer you their expertise to meet your housing needs. They will explain to you what the guidelines are to determine whether you are eligible or not."

To be eligible as an affordable housing tenant, applicants must fulfil ALL of the following eligibility criteria:

How long can I stay in affordable housing?

Eligible tenants that enter a fixed term lease will need to meet the ongoing eligibility tests during the tenancy period. We are required to reassess your up-to-date circumstance like income or owning of assets for you to be able to continue as an affordable housing tenant. This takes place at the end of a fixed term lease or via your disclosure in the change of your circumstances.

                In Summary

Applicants for affordable housing must meet the eligibility criteria defined in the NSW Affordable Housing Ministerial Guidelines.
The criteria in NSW depend on your household income. It must be within the maximum income limits set by the Government. The more people living in your household, the higher the maximum income limit.
Eligibility to affordable housing is bpth income and asset tested. You must be an Australian Citizen/  Permanent Resident and be over 18 years of age.
In accordance with the NSW Ministerial Housing Guidelines, the amount of rent you pay depends on the program the property has been provided with.
Affordable housing rental is generally priced between 20-25% below the rental market. 
Cubic Housing will assess each applicant’s individual circumstances according to the NSW Ministerial Affordable Housing Guidelines.
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