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At Cubic Housing, it is our corporate mandate to deliver affordable housing requirements to a highest and most ethical standard. We strive to achieve our vision and mission as an affordable housing provider. To reach our set goals, we have divided our strategy into two main sections.

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Tenant Servicing

A lot of people see a community housing provider as an extended arm of a normal real estate agency or property management business. That assumption is incorrect as community housing providers are subjected to a different set of guidelines provided by government authorities. On top of our responsibilities in following these guidelines, at Cubic Housing we also understand that there are a lot of stress and anxiety for potential applicants when it comes to finding accommodation, a basic necessity in everyone’s lives. That is why we have specially trained staff to service the most vulnerable. It is our mandate not to treat our applicants or residents as ‘just another transaction’.

Servicing and Informing Property Developers

We provide consultations to property developers in relation to how affordable housing can benefit them. As we know it, affordable housing in the property market is scarce. To bring more affordable housing to the market, we must work with property developers to achieve this goal. There are many incentives for property developers to provide affordable housing ranging from tax concessions to floor space ratio (FSR) uptake. Our team have an extensive experience and knowledge in the property development space, therefore, we can offer effective advice to developers to help them achieve maximum benefits for their businesses.

Our Values


Cubic Housing was established with a mandate to be socially responsible. To be socially responsible we are committed to improving the lives of people.


We are focused on people both the applicants and residents. Empathy best sums up on how we operate our organisation. We put equality, respect and understanding in the forefront when communicating with applicants and residents.  When we train our staff, these are the core beliefs we instil on them. Please see our Resident Communication Policy below.


As experienced property professionals, we have identified what is lacking in the property industry hence we choose  the ethical path so that we can deliver the most effective and sensible way in looking after our applicants and residents. 


The key our success and achieving our desired outcomes, building relationships is our main priority.

Resident Communication Policy

Our Resident Engagement Communication Policy is a tool that assists Cubic Housing’s approach to better communicate with our residents. This policy allows us to obtain feedback from residents so that we can continuously fine tune our services to our residents.

We are fully committed to this policy as it also encourages property developers who may be interested in partnering with us in providing more affordable housing to the community.


Your Expectations

While every individual’s expectation may vary, at Cubic Housing we try our best to suit everyone’s needs. Our standards to our applicants and residents are of an ultra-high standard.

Responsive Service – We treat efficiency as a priority.

We treat phone enquiries promptly.

  • If the enquiry couldn’t be treated on the spot, we will immediately put you in touch to the relevant person to have the query resolved.

  • All letters and emails WILL be responded in a timely manner.

  • All complaints and feedback will be treated in confidence.

Youth Club Meeting

Equality is Paramount

We all come from different backgrounds and cultures. We acknowledge the different needs of each individual hence everyone will be serviced with dignity and respect.

Team Project


All information provided to applicants and tenants will be delivered in a timely manner. All decision outcomes will be explained clearly as it may impact you. If for any reason that we cannot assist you e.g.) language etc. we will do our best to refer you to someone who can.


Like all organisations, we abide by laws governing your privacy. All personal information collected regardless you are the applicant, tenant or members of the tenant’s household may be subject to disclosure to government agencies, business partners and other recipients in the following circumstances:

  • When you have provided consent;

  • When there is a reasonable expectation that we may need to use or disclose your personal information;

  • Disclosure which may alleviate or prevention to serious threat to life, health and safety of an individual or third party’s safety;

  • Or for law enforcement purposes.

  • Please refer to our Privacy Policy section for more information.


Your Assistance to Us

At Cubic Housing, we have an open communication policy so that we can promptly respond to your request. Our staff is readily available to provide the service and response you require. We would also appreciate if there were changes to your circumstances like changes in your personal details to be communicated to us immediately.

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So that we constantly improve our services to you, we encourage your constructive feedback. We treat any complaints with respect and we endeavour to resolve any issues that may arise through a conflict resolution process. We treat each complaint in a fair and respectable manner, and we kindly ask that to be reciprocated by the complainant.

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